New Ergo 5 strings

72 i 72 j 72 c 72 f 73 j 73 b 73 i 73 a

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New Ergo!

a new chapter

a new chapter

new ergo hnew ergo inew ergo lnew ergo jnew ergo bnew ergo enew ergo fnew ergo cnew ergo a

Atomic number 49 pop Sirlion with the present to some other obligate argue, stylostixis, requested.
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Custom Cream 5 string

cream dcream ecream acream f

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Announcing ‘Shorty’ models…

proto a.. I’ve been fielding requests for many years from players who’ve asked for 34″-36″ scale EUB’s, and though I’ve generally declined, I’ve decided that it might be best to at least test the waters, and offer ‘shorties’ if that’s really what players are after.. Shown here is a prototype 34″ scale six string currently listed on Ebay..

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Artist: Chuck Murcko

ChuckMurcko“Here’s a pic of me playing Ergo 4 string at the local A list jam. Christopher Robin (Jesse Colter, Tanya Tucker) on dobro.”


Visit Chuck’s page at:


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